segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2013


The scars, the games.
All the things that will change others fates.

Tudo o que já foi voltará a ser.
Os rituais que não deveriam ter sido feitos voltaram a ser,
a simbiose voltou por uma
soltou-se por outra,
e controla a terceira.

As it once was, it will be again.
We shall be one, standing in light.
Fighting in darkness.

Some will hate us for its for them we fight.
Some will understand the why we are who we are.
Others will fight beside us.
But no one will stand beetween us and the objective.

To you, I bestou the gift of happiness, that you might use it as you see fit.
May you be what I won't.

May you never find it. For ever lost there.

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