quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013


As of late, I have been running from it.
I've been told I'm all over the place and that I'm confused.
That, simply put it, I'm out of control, therefore, not well.
 Well, define to me well.
Is it being with another person what it means to be well? Because I've done that before...
...It did not work out. 
Maybe, just maybe, that's not my well.
I've always been told that I'm out of the box, not fitting quite well with anything, once again, well being the key word here.
Well well well, haven't you been following me everywhere mate?

Why are people so obsessed with being "well", what's the problem with being a bit damaged, accepting it, with embracing that fact. 
The fact that you don't fit as the others. 
The fact that we are not all the same.
The fact that we are not all cut out for the same thing.
That, sometimes, people are not meant to fit in.

And that is what I do best, not being well. 
I'm never well, I wont be for a bloody long time and I still manage to cope with it.
So why do I have to be well for you world?
Is it not the purpose for us to be all different?
So, what's the deal?

I'll continue to run, as fast as I can.
I'll be one step ahead from it.
I'll be there, at the horizon.
I'll ride or die.
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