quinta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2013

A lot of things

Lately, I found myself having my mind dwelling in so many things at so little time, that I think that my brain eventually is going to freakin pop out my ears.

My mind is racing with my heart and to be honest I have no idea who is wining this shit.

I have been alone for some time, which by itself was what I needed. I had been in and out relationships for the last 7 years with no time for myself in between. That was wrong in so many ways that I had no idea what I was doing to myself.

As time passed by, I started to see clearer and clearer. I don't need anyone to be completely happy, although, complete happiness, that 100% type of happiness I still think it's only achievable when you're sharing it with someone.

That takes me to next line of thought.

I feel fine alone, I'm just no happy with it.

Once you accept something as part of your life it becomes easy to deal with it, to go around what makes it uncomfortable. Or just plain defy it and take it down at all.

Either way, you're facing your "fears" and making yourself a better person.

As many now, I can sometimes be called a "man-whore" due to the fact that I enjoy flirting and going on dates with women and stuff.
The thing is, this summer started off that way, but somehow, I got different, I no longer want that common little girl that dyes her hair so she can have the attention. I'm not into it any longer. I've grown past this little trivial things and became even more picky.

I don't believe in the all "The One" theory, the only one I have in my life is THE ONE RING, holla lotr bitches :D

I believe we have right people, at right times in your life and as life goes on and changes, so does that person and the perception of what you want for your life.

For those who knew me, I ran as far as my fat legs and damaged lungs would let me when someone talked about getting married, but you know what? I ain't running no more. Nor am I rushing into it.

I want something like this
 Not that traditional bullshit that every weekend I work in. I mean, I love my job, and I am very passionate about it. But I want something, someone that can challenge normality with me.

I'm no longer just after the small tattoed brunette with bright eyes and curly hair. I want someone that has a glow in her eyes, a passion which she will defend by all means. I want a challenge. And she doesn't have to be small, brunette, ginger, tall, or whatever the fuck types people have.

I want what is due to me.

In other mental notes, today something funny happened. You know how tattooed people get picked on by society, or, for that fact, motards as well.

Well today I was going with my best friend on our way to BurgerKing to get us some delicious dinner, when the car in front of us just "dies". We, as good folk we are, got out of the car and asked the lady if she was ok. While ALL the other morons just used their horns and passed by. Turns out she just got out of gas in her car but the thing is. IT was a tattooed guy, and a motard, that pushed the car a freakin while so she could "park" somewhere safe, because all of it happened in a bloody blind curve. Also, you should have seen her face, I think she though she was gonna get mugged or something xD

So you know what. FUCK YOU STEREOTYPES. 

Also, today I was asked, again! what about when I'm old, how will my Ink will look like. LIKE THIS PEOPLE. Freakin awesome and proud as fuck of them.

World. Stop judging people by their life choices, their stories behind the tattoos that you don't even know, or how they present themselves. We are all people that need people to live life to the full.

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  1. People are so stupid to the point to judge and condemn what they don't understand. Fears always ehat we don't understand.
    Programmed inane minds do their job judging.
    Bullshit people...