sexta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2013

Little pieces of my soul

Its funny how we always tend to think that shit can't get any worst, but then, it always does...
 Murphy at its finest I guess.

It's been awhile, a long while since I can say I was truly happy. Long have been the years that came to pass... Years that have eaten my soul times and times now.

Family, friends, failed romances, losses, my near deaths, etc

Surely it has not been easy to be me. My error was thinking that shit couldn't get any worst since it was already so bad, so sad, so exasperating... I was wrong.

As I see more and more of my floor to disappear right in front of my eyes, I'm yet again, pushed to be something... to do more than I wanted. When all I wanted was to remain in peace for a while. But peace seems to be something I am not meant to.

It sucks, all I want to do is run away and never come back as I continue to be pushed to the borderlines of my sanity, countless times by every direction that I lay eyes on.

I honestly think that I can't go on much further like this... all of this consumes me too much for me to have something good in my life, leaving only space for more hurt, more darkness, more failed dreams of whom once believed he saw Santa Claus.

They're taking away my soul, they're taking away my smile.

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  1. "Suffer all you must, but suffer silently!(...) God can't help you and angels won't save you! Your unrequited prayers will be the bane of your existence! Prepare to walk hand in hand with the damned!" or just keep still, keep belive it and fuck the rest... when everything seems to be wrong and bad, look to your inside and think how far you came to suffer that...
    just an opinion..